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The work of Simon Epp testifies to a multi-layered, empirical and curious search for traces of graphic, painterly and sculptural imagery with different starting points. In the process, the conceptual and schematic/processual approach of the trained architect is just as palpable as the desire to directly break out of the specifically imposed design rules. The experimental and processual exploration of combinations of colors, structures, surfaces, and materials is just as much a part of the multi-layered work as the illustrative approach and meticulous painterly realization of motifs and image details found in everyday life and captured in photographs, which serve as compositional models. In the flowing border areas between abstraction and concretization, free, print-like and sculptural color compositions full of dynamics and depth emerge. The research into the tense relationship between abstraction, aesthetic composition and multi-layered associativity that is visible in the works has an infectious and challenging effect at the same time. 

Simon Epp is a painter, musician and architect.

Simon Epp lives and works as an artist and architect in Zurich, Switzerland.